Small Hours is an independent, one-woman operated minimalist leather goods brand.

Small Hours was born out of a desire to create a collection of minimalist carry goods for people who prefer to travel light and share an appreciation for clean lines & playfulness. Our hope is to make people's daily lives and routines a little easier and maybe even a bit more fun :)

Commitment to sustainable production
We work with local suppliers when possible and all production is done in small batches in-house. We are committed to using simple and efficient processes in every step of production to minimize unnecessary waste of time, space, materials, & resources. Orders are packaged minimally, and re-used, recycled, recyclable and/or biodegradable shipping materials are prioritized.

About the maker
Jenny is a designer and maker based in Toronto, Canada. She's a maker at heart—always in the middle of a project or getting her hands messy, learning how to work with new materials and mediums. When she's not making she's listening to podcasts, lounging at parks, and hiking/camping.